Dimpy Toys Assorted Animals Baby Unique Set - Dimpy Stuff - Plush toys made in India

Dimpy Toys Assorted Animals Baby Unique Set


  • Size: 17 cm
  • Age: 3+ Years
  • Material: Premium Plush Fabric
  • Stuffing: 100% Virgin Polyester Staple Fibre

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These Cute Animals Baby made from soft Plush material The rich and vibrant color will draw your child’s attention.  High-quality toys, also perfect for miniature garden decor. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, desks, coffee tables etc.  A simple and compact accessory.

100% Made in India

100% Made in India guarantee. This product is handcrafted and manufactured in India. With every purchase you make with us, you support a countless number of workers and resources in India. We are constantly striving towards the MAKE IN INDIA mission by supporting local resources and workers.


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