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Dimpy Stuff Premium Huggable Bear


  • Size: 80, 100, 120 cm
  • Colour: Beige, Pink, Cream
  • Age: 3+ Years
  • Material: Premium Plush Fabric
  • Stuffing: 100% Virgin Polyester Staple Fibre
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Nothing can cheer up little children like teddy bears do. With an unparalleled legacy of being the best inanimate companions of little children, stuffed bears are still the most preferred stuffed animals across cultures. Designed with a lot of care, this Dimpy Stuff Premium Huggable Bear will certainly impress your little children with its innocent and adorable features. Soft and cuddly, this stuffed bear has wonderful features like the eye-pleasing color, the innocent looking face and the cute Smile .

100% Made in India

100% Made in India guarantee. This product is handcrafted and manufactured in India. With every purchase you make with us, you support a countless number of workers and resources in India. We are constantly striving towards the MAKE IN INDIA mission by supporting local resourc

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Beige, Cream, Pink


100 cm, 120 cm, 80 cm


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